skardu morning walk

Skardu morning walk

Managed to get up 5am one fine

morning after two days in Skardu. Still not up with the birds, though. They get up a quarter past 4 and start chirping at the top of their lungs right outside our window. No worms then, no wonder. Hiked up to a water channel high up on a mountain to film some spectacular views of the first sun rays falling on the valley.


Shigar days

Shigar rest house cook went to town yesterday – we got real excited and told him to bring us 1/4 kilo of every vegetable and a good electric tea kettle so we can make our tea in the room… he comes back this morning with a dinky Chinese made kettle that boils the water down cause it doesnt turn off on its own, tells us no one sells in quarter kilos, have t

o buy a kilo or nothing – were telling him we cant eat one kilo fast enough… buy us 1/4 kilo or we do our do own shopping… gone back and forth with him… hes pulling his hair out with these stingy ladies who want him to cook just enough to feed two people… hes used to cooking for a battalion.

He cooks pretty darn well cant cheese him off too much.


Of films and patees

So, yesterday morning in Skardu, I ran into a reporter from a local television channel. I was sitting in someone's office and the 'Garden in Shigar' documentary was playing when in he walked. He watched a few bits and bobs, then proceeded to scurry out of the room,  but then came back at the end just in time for tea, sweet yellow soft fluffy Skardu patees and mayo sandwiches (the special kind they serve in PIA). Continue reading