Spring planting in the garden

Planting a grape vineAs of March 1st, 2013 Tahereh Sheerazie is back in Shigar to continue where volunteers Currim Suteria, Ibtesam Pooya and Hira Nabi left off and begin building the garden while connecting the work with

math and english curriculum for 6th and 7th grade students. Students have been planting fruit trees and taking some of their lessons outdoors. Spring is in the air in Shigar and there are exciting things in store for everyone involved in the garden.

Anwar the footballer

cheap levitrawp-image-1031″ title=”wazir anwar ali” src=”http://www.abruzzischoolgarden.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/wazir-anwar-ali-150×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ />

Wazir Anwar Ali - Pakistan's football star in the making

Wazir Anwar Ali – our fantastic project manager/contractor is an eighteen year old
talented lad. His days begin at six am. Hes a jack of all – and master of all as well. He manages tasks on site, runs errands, talks politics, occasionally goes through his angrezi moods practicing his English with me, indulges in never ending discussions with Ibtesam regarding the slightest of costs on site (conversations that are capable of prompting a mild head spin), rants, laughs like a shy boy, and – aspires to be a world class footballer. Continue reading

A buzz of excitement.

order cheap cialis onlinewidth=”150″ height=”150″ />The following is a brief summary of activities that we've conducted with the students of the Abruzzi school during the two and a half weeks that Ibtesam and myself have been in Shigar. With little time to adjust ourselves – we got right down to business. Continue reading

Chevron funds the schools first library and science lab

A month outside Shigar has helped me focus on getting the garden funded in as many ways as possible. Meeting a gamut of donors, and screening the film in Lahore and Islamabad, resulted in securing funding for the so far non existent library and science lab. both of which the principal was stressing i should work on before any garden related work. ill email Anwar, with the good news. Continue reading

a visit with the Raja

I went visiting Raja Azam Khan's family last Sunday.. when the Raja asked me about progress on the garden I told him where I was at ….how i have been meeting resistance from the principal, in wanting to involve and include the entire school community's participation. Particularly the parents and the children themselves. Continue reading