The Team

Tahereh Sheerazie
Project Co-coordinator, Pasadena
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Tahereh Sheerazie

Born and raised in Pakistan, Tahereh Sheerazie has lived in Southern California since 1985. She is an avid gardener, quilter and trekker of the local Southern California Mountains as well as Pakistan’s Karakorum and Himalayan range. Since the Oct ‘05 earthquake in Pakistan she began to focus on giving back to the people of these mountain communities and became involved in a grass-roots effort to build homes and create vocations to rehabilitate women who had sustained spinal cord injuries. Her passion for gardens, quilts, mountains and treks have lead her to becoming closely involved with building capacities and empowering the women of these far-flung mountain villages.

She currently lives in Pasadena California and her continuing efforts take her back to Pakistan frequently.

Mahera Omar
Filmmaker, Karachi
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Mahera Omar

Mahera Omar graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. After a brief stint doing laboratory research on the structure of proteins at the Tufts University Department of Biochemistry, she moved back to the city by the sea, Karachi. She has produced numerous TV shows in Boston, most notably ‘Ek Saher’, a series of conversations between Indians and Pakistanis in the Greater Boston area. While in college, she co-produced and directed ‘Dispatches from the Loo’, an independent feature film shot entirely in a loo. Her short film ‘Piano‘premiered at the 3rd International KaraFilm Festival. Her other short films include ‘Makhan Toast‘, ‘Time’s fun when you’re having flies’, ‘Perspectives in a cook’s life’, and ‘New York, New York’. She produced and directed a weekly show on animals for Geo Television, and is the co-founder of the Pakistan Animal Welfare Society. She’s currently working on a travel series for a local television channel in Pakistan, and has been recording the oral tradition of folk songs about life during the per-partition times of the Indian Sub-Continent.

Currim Suteria
Lead Architect, Montréal
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Currim comes from the bruised yet beautiful country of Pakistan, and spends his present days frolicking around Montreal. An undergraduate Architecture student at McGill University,Currim spends his time painting and writing. He is a proud child of a plant lover and a floral designer – hence his affinity for gardens and their potential is inherently true. His passion for the simple things in life lead him in obscure directions.

Ali Telya
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Ali Telya

Ali has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. He has been involved in volunteering with children from a young age and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of
underprivileged youth around the world. He has grown up very close to nature and believes education and the environment go hand in hand. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports and making people laugh, often at his expense!

Hira Nabi
Education-Curriculum Development
Film maker
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Hira is a teaching artist. she thinks about ways to radicalize the world through arts education when she’s not teaching or working on films. she lives in Lahore, Pakistan but has currently relocated to Shigar, Baltistan for a month, to work with the students of the Abruzzi school teaching garden.