enviornmental art

5th graders made tepees from willow branches for their tomato plants, then wrote stories about North American Indians and tepees – it became a lesson in growing tomatoes more effectively by raising them off the ground, as well as social studies, language (they wrote their stories in Urdu) and math. (their math teacher helped with sizes and proportions )

5th graders with their tomatoes and Tepee

   5th graders with their tomatoes and Tepee

Tenth graders learned about geodesic domes from the Indus Valley architecture student volunteers, and similarly wrote about the concept and drew as well as made a model to use for replicating on an outdoor classroom space. They used little twigs to make the model. The dome didn’t work because the space already had 10′ high poles built in – to erect a  geodesic dome on top of it meant a central pole to support the weight – that would kill the idea of an open class room space without obstructions. However they learned something new and tried hard to make it work. They too wrote stories and drew pictures about geodesic domes.


The IVSA volunteers also taught all the schools children, from 5th to 10th grade to draw a plot plan of the garden to scale  – it was the first time the children had learned to map to scale and understand what plot plans are.  Id call that art as well.

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  1. This is such a well presented documentary. Walks one through the whole process, from beginning to end so beautifully, one feels not only connected but feels like one is there. The sincerity and truth of the project comes through inspiring us to not only contribute but to want to see its development over the years. Well done all, from teacher, to the pioneer interns, students and all the volunteers past, present and future.

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