enviornmental art

5th graders made tepees from willow branches for their tomato plants, then wrote stories about North American Indians and tepees – it became a lesson in growing tomatoes more effectively by raising them off the ground, as well as social studies, language (they wrote their stories in Urdu) and math. (their math teacher helped with sizes and proportions )

5th graders with their tomatoes and Tepee

   5th graders with their tomatoes and Tepee

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2013 – my year in the garden

In keeping with its organic nature, the task of building the garden has been much greater than simply digging, planting or constructing….it has been about creating community within the school and outside its boundaries, about seeing and making connections between books and the garden, about quiet understated financial help from the outside world, yet active vibrant and willing help from within. Mostly it has been about understanding the workings, the mindset, the strengths and the weaknesses of the school community.  My one year in Shigar implementing the garden plans as they were designed in 2011, ended in early Nov 2013, yet the design process continues to amorphously expand or shrink and take its own organic from.18 Continue reading