Summer School Schedule

SUMMER SCHOOL at Abruzzi School Teaching Garden

Day 1: 20th July 2012

Introductions: welcome to summer camp 2012!

Lesson: Decomposition of Soil

Digging compost site


Activity: soil tests

The student will by the end of this class know that soil is made up of. Partly from weathered rock, partly from organic materials such as plant remains and contains many organisms. They will also know that soils differ in their colour, texture, capacity to retain water, and ability to support the grown of many kinds of plants.

Links between: biology, art and chemistry.

Day 2: 21st July, 2012 (Saturday)

Lesson: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

How to design a recycling system? Imagine it, draw it.

How do people recycle in their homes?

Activity: Collecting leaves + flowers for pressing.

Teaching pressing technique.

Links between: science and art.

Day 3: 23rd July, 2012 (Monday)

Lesson: Water

Irrigation Systems: Importance of Irrigation System to Garden

Work in the garden on developing irrigation.

Five rivers of Pakistan

River civilizations

Water Pollution

Writing Activity: write a poem (rhyming or free verse) about a water body

Links between: geography, social studies, art, history

Day 4: 24th July, 2012 (Tuesday)

Lesson: Photo Workshop

Rule of thirds. framing/composition. Light: natural vs. artificial

Exercise with cameras: everyone to take 5 photos.

Make bookmarks with dried leaves/flowers/plants/bookmarks to have their own photos.

Links between: art, environmental studies.

Day 5: 25th July, 2012 (Wednesday)

Lesson: Nature Studies

Nature Walk

Keeping a nature journal: Writing and drawing

Planned field trip: TBA

Links between: art, english, urdu, developing organizational skills, science.

Day 6: 26th July, 2012 (Thursday)

Lesson: How to build an outdoor oven

Baking biscuits to serve with apricot jam

Things to discuss: temperature, heat, energy, states of matter.

Math: measurements while cooking (fractions) .Making fruit/vegetable reference cards. Balanced diet

What variety of fruit grows in which regions? (in Pakistan) based on climate. (what fruit doesn’t grow in Shigar?)  

Links between: mathematics, science, social studies, botany, horticulture, environmental science, history, design

Day 7: 27th July, 2012 (Friday)

Lesson: histroy through plant population

Mint garden tea party

every student should bring a cup

Activity: reading tea leaves, and telling each other’s fortunes.

History: Tea plantation in Sri lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan.

Science: Usage of tea in composting.

Nutrition: Effects of caffeine – black tea and green tea.

Links between: Nutrition, art, social studies, history, science

Day 8: 28th July, 2012 (Saturday)

Banner making party!

Climate change. focus on glaciers: what are the main glaciers in Pakistan?  how are they formed?

Global warming + green house effect. temperature rising . deforestation

Links between: science, environmental studies, art

Day 9: 30th July, 2012 (Monday)

contd. climate change

natural disasters

Planning for next steps: year round teaching garden development

Build task force.

Links between: science, environmental studies, art,

Day 10: 31st July, 2012 (Tuesday)

Next steps: students design year round plan. Plan event to share with the community. Students share testimonials.



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  1. Most impressive programme schedule, better than what my daughter in Canada, is attending at a Science fyi, summer camp. Can see the kids just loving it and having a great time.
    So much easier for the teacher to teach these concepts later in class, and for the kids to be able to relate and connect all that they did in the summer, at camp along with so many kids, to they class room teachings. Complete win win situation.
    Wish I was a kid in this camp too. Or better, my daughter was attending it.

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