Computer Connection Institute Sialkot – Jan 2012 training

Thanks to Mr Sohail Khan's generous gift to three staff members, one admin and four students of the Abruzzi school, all have received a one month basic computer training course at his IT institute in Sialkot. Accompanying them for this training was A

nwar Ali the school garden project coordinator and eight

students of Grace Public school Skardu. Continue reading

How it started and where we’re at

'The Abruzzi School Teaching Garden project aims to establish a Teaching Garden and accompanying facilities in the surrounds of the Abruzzi school building, in order to augment the quality of education and stimulate learning through a hands on ex

periential method.'

I came upon ‘Shigar Center’, on a cold December morning in 2008 – a detour on my way to China from Rawalpindi by bus on

the KKH. With the Shigar Fort closed for the winter I got the chance instead to walk around and explore the surrounding town of Shigar. I discovered a rich and wonderful landscape even in bare bones winter that forever captured my imagination.

Per chance, I met Salman Beg, CEO of AKCSP, during that brief winter interlude. It led me in Sept 2009, to take on a two month consultancy position with AKCSP to design the Abruzzi School Garden and to teach five Shigri female interns with WSE (women's social enterprise, an AKCSP initiative in Gilgit Baltistan) the principles of landscape design. My objective was twofold

  • to champion the concept of a 'teaching garden'. A logical step to teach the children of farmers via the lens of agriculture in understanding Science, Math, Urdu and English by hands on experiential method.
  • and to create a new vocation for the female interns, to look beyond the only two professions that are available and acceptable for women in Shigar – school teacher and health worker. Continue reading