Anwar the footballer

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Wazir Anwar Ali - Pakistan's football star in the making

Wazir Anwar Ali – our fantastic project manager/contractor is an eighteen year old
talented lad. His days begin at six am. Hes a jack of all – and master of all as well. He manages tasks on site, runs errands, talks politics, occasionally goes through his angrezi moods practicing his English with me, indulges in never ending discussions with Ibtesam regarding the slightest of costs on site (conversations that are capable of prompting a mild head spin), rants, laughs like a shy boy, and – aspires to be a world class footballer. His dreams are made up of yellow Argentinian jerseys and “expensive” sneakers. He says he is known as the best in Shigar and wants to play for Pakistan internationally – his only way to see a world beyond Pakistan. He says this all with a promising glow. I tell him dreaming is necessary to breathe, to be and to do. He gets excited and reiterates satisfying the slightest of doubt inside him “ bus mainay world class footballer banna hi hai – eik

din, bus app dekh leyna . dekh leyna“

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