of shaq walls and willow fences

I spotted a free flowing willow fence in the work of a viagra price high end landscape architecture website half way across the world.

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‘The railing is made of renewable willow harvested seasonally and grown sustainably from a crop grown for this purpose, the same plant will grow and harvested on an annual basis’. No less amazing than the ones i spotted in Shigar over the years, which they use for gates and fencing their farm lands and vegetable gardens.

Wild rose bush climbing up a Shaq wall. Shigar fort - July 2011

Shaded Shaq gate. Shigar - Oct 2009

For the school children to know and see this, as they continue to superimpose their ideas on Shigar’s grand natural topography onto their one acre school yard, i post these pictures in the hope that soon they will have a computer lab to sink their teeth in and begin to see the world beyond Shigar. Begin to understand our common humanity, our creative minds our ability to express ideas without language.