Green Schoolyards

It is a wonderful coincidence that my participation at the International Conference on Green Schoolyards in San Francisco last week speaks directly to what both Currim and Ibtesaam, the two volunteer architects presently on the ground in Shigar are a

ccomplishing… making the Abruzzi school garden become the result and work of the entire school community – working from inside out as opposed to outside in. Exactly as i had envisioned it when i was first assigned the task of designing the space in Sept 2009. They have successfully engaged the school children in expressing their ideas, wishes and needs, along side what the administration needs and the community expects. They have worked these key pieces of the puzzle into their own plans for the school yard, along with those that the five WSE interns developed two years ago, all of which will ultimately take shape, and function as a sustainable school garden, years after this first batch of Abruzzians graduate high school.

Shigar’s other ‘Heritage Site’ will come about because the Shigris planned, developed and nurtured it to maturity, with their children at the helm.


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