some shigris some lahoris – the children draw

Zahra Haroon - class 3 Lahore

Alima Haider - class 3 Shigar

As i traveled beyond Shigar, to other cities this summer, wherever i encountered children – curious or otherwise, about why i was there? who was i? whats a school garden?

id have them draw me their dream school garden…our conversation would then ensue. With some a whole barrage of questions, with others silence – but with all children, and all ages, i encountered not mere curiosity but clear and defined ideas, a desire to express freely and in great detail. Things they found hard to describe in words come across clearly in drawings….i had wanted to compare these 'outsider' drawings with what the Abruzzians had drawn for me in Shigar …they werent too far apart. infact a common thread ran through them all. the same basic elements present in every child's drawing. the differences lie only in the levels of sophistication. the ease of expression. the dept of understanding the question asked. the tools used.

Ibtesam and Currim will conduct similar exercises now that they are in Shigar for the next three weeks. Except theirs will be the next step up – simple plot plans and basic architectural drawings of spaces that theyll help the school children understand and create.