Chevron funds the schools first library and science lab

A month outside Shigar has helped me focus on getting the garden funded in as many ways as possible. Meeting a gamut of donors, and screening the film in Lahore and Islamabad, resulted in securing funding for the so far non existent library and science lab. both of which the principal was stressing i should work on before any garden related work. ill email Anwar, with the good news. Continue reading

Back in Shigar

June 2011: Back in Shigar a year and a half later, Tahereh Sheerazie is on her way to visit Nusrat, one of the interns who was part of the or

iginal teaching garden design team. Although Nusrat knows Tahereh is back in town, she has no idea she's just about to run into her guide and mentor around the corner.


islamabad interlude

getting from skardu to Islamabad took me five days, three days of bad weather, one day of all flights cancelled across the country – p

ia employee had been shot dead in Karachi – fourth day they simply bumped us off saying there was a back log and earlier passengers had to be accommodated..fifth day and my two traveling companions who had waited it out between skardu and shigar with me, Continue reading