a visit with the Raja

I went visiting Raja Azam Khan's family last Sunday.. when the Raja asked me about progress on the garden I told him where I was at ….how i have been meeting resistance from the principal, in wanting to involve and include the entire school community's participation. Particularly the parents and the children themselves. Continue reading

first two weeks

Mahera leaves for Karachi tomorrow – everyone will ask her if the gardens begun to be built already…as they ask me right here almost every day.

Having met the school community over these past 12 days, the picture that presents it self is that though everyone is keen on getting their school garden going, they have no idea how important their own involvement is in making it happen. Continue reading

Breaking ground

Anwar Ali the newly hired point man (munshi) incharge of getting work done, began breaking ground at 7am this morning..4 men labrores from Siankhor village and himself as supervisor, starting with breaking down an ill placed stage in the middle of the ground…except there wasn't a wheel barrow in sight to move things around when i showed up at 10 am. Continue reading